Netheravon is the home of the Red Devils

The Parachute Regiment Freefall Team The Red Devils was formed in 1964, the team made up of serving soldiers from the 3 Battalions, 1 Para, 2 Para and 3 Para.  No funding from the military was available to the team at that time and the members therefore had to dip into their own pockets to pay for their jumps and equipment. During the first ‘season’ between May and October the team performed at 50 demonstrations and also competed at the Army Parachuting Championships at Netheravon sweeping the board winning all of the events. 

The founder of the Red Devils Parachute Display Team

The Red Devils were accommodated with an office within The Parachute Regiment lines in Aldershot and used the military playing fields on Queens Avenue as it’s own Parachute Dropping Zone where they trained soldiers based in the Garrison who wished to participate in freefall parachuting.  When the Parachute Regiment was relocated to Colchester in Essex joining the newly formed 16th Air Assault Brigade there was no immediate airfield for the Red Devils to undertake their day-to-day parachute training therefore the team were located at Airfield Camp, Netheravon and are perfectly located alongside the Joint Service Parachute Centre’s parachuting facilities. In 2019 the Team became the official parachute display team of the British Army and The Parachute Regiment obtaining full military funding. The team is made up of full time serving soldiers who return to combat duties when required during their posting with the team.

As professional skydivers they perform over 350 tandem parachute descents throughout the year and also 60 public parachute displays annually in the UK and abroad into charity, sporting, military and social events. 

If you want to contact the team to book a tandem skydive or organise a parachute display they can be found here:

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We have to mention and thank Jackie Smith who provided all of the information, photographs and video links. Thank you!

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