Fittleton  or Home Farm was  based in the village  at what is now known as Fittleton Manor.  The western side of Fittleton Manor house dates from the early C17th and the eastern side, which we see as the front, from later in the C17th. The timber framed stables, originally a barn, against the road may be earlier than the present house. See the photo of the barn and nearby cob walls. One clearly illustrates the phases of building the wall by the different shades of “mix”.


The  house  has  large walled  gardens and backs onto All Saints church. The rest of the farm buildings and some cottages  were across the  road  nearer the river and the warren. A warren is a breeding area for  rabbits owned by the church or the lord of the manor in medieval times. There was a warren also at Beach’s Barn.


Most of the downs above Fittleton  village were taken for military training after 1898. The remainder of the land was taken in to the tenancy of Choulston  and other farms in neighbouring Figheldean and Everleigh parishes, and also was used for Netheravon airfield.  As in the rest of the Plain, cultivation  continued  near the edge of the village (called Schedule 1 land) and compensation was  paid for damage by tanks and the like.  The down land (Schedule 3) attracted a cheaper  rent but could be used for grazing much of the time.

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Hilda says farewell to Fittleton Manor

It was an absolute pleasure to be invited to Fittlemanor to meet Hilda Maunsell and her daughter Lucy in early July 2021 to film the house and for Hilda to share some great memories of her time at Fittleton manor (1968 – 2021).  Please click on the link opposite to listen to the memories (which were such fun) and to have a good look around such a grand property.

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