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Our link to the Military on Salisbury Plain

The history of Netheravon Cavalry School (1904 - 1922)

A Cavalry School was established in Netheravon, Wiltshire, in 1904.  It was built on the grounds of Netheravon House which had been compulsorily purchased by the government in 1898 as part of the Salisbury Plain military training facilities.

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The Royal Flying Corps & the history of Netheravon Airfield

Netheravon Airfield in Wiltshire is a key site in the history of British military aviation.  It was the first operational squadron station selected for the Military Wing of the Royal Flying Corp and is now one of the oldest operational military airfields in the country, having been in continuous use since 1913.

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Netheravons Local Defence Force (Home Guard)

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The document opposite was provided by All Saint Church – Netheravon.

Netheravon is the Home of the Red Devils

The founder of the Red Devils Parachute Display Team

The Parachute Regiment Freefall Team The Red Devils was formed in 1964, the team made up of serving soldiers from the 3 Battalions, 1 Para, 2 Para and 3 Para.  No funding from the military was available to the team at that time and the members therefore had to dip into their own pockets to pay for their jumps and equipment.

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Remembrance remembered - In years gone by

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Lest we forget.

Sam Drydens - War Time Memories

Please click on the image to view the pdf of Sam’s, boyhood wartime diaries.

The Village Soldiers

In 2018, a small group of volunteers got together to mark the end of the Great War by creating the Village Soldiers’ Website at the same time Wayne Price released the book, The Village Soldiers’ of Netheravon, Haxton, Fittleton and Enford.  Please click on the link below to visit (the website will open in a separate tab), this website is closely linked to this website and tells the story of the Village Soldiers brilliantly.

To purchase this book email the price is £25.00 (proceeds go to the Jubilee committee to fund local events).
Play Video

This video was played at the launch of the Village Soldiers book and website, a moving and fitting tribute to all who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

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